I am an Advertising professional, with a career path in marketing and have just graduated from a Master of Business Administration. I am a native Spanish speaker, with a background in the Latin culture commonly known for our passion, energy and collaboration. 

I can be very structured, organised and detailed-focused. I am skilled at coordinating events/projects and strategies both in the planning and execution phase.

Behavioural Insights based on DISC Assessment

  • Characterised by her creativity and attention to quality and detail.
  • Alert and sensitive to her errors and mistakes.
  • Constantly seeking to avoid errors in her work.
  • Her motto for work may well be the coined phrase, “quality is job number one.” Getting the project or job done right is important to her.
  • Oriented toward achieving practical results.
  • Can overanalyse a problem which tends to slow down the decision-making process.

Software & Programs

Hobbies & Interests